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Tuesday's Tip (#24)

Here's a tip for you:

Keep a fire extinguisher handy. OR don't be fancy.

My car is about 7 years old. But, it's got some fancy features. Like heated or cooled cup holders. Ask me how many times I have actually pressed the little hot or cold button for my cup holders. Go ahead. Ask. The answer is never. I have neither heated nor cooled my cups in the car. Not even once.

I have, however, spilled things in my cup holders on numerous occasions. I've discussed my need for a sippy cup travel mug before. This brings me to my current tip.

Two weeks ago, while traveling to work, I heard a weird sound. I quickly realized it was the sound of sizzling coming from my cup holder. The sizzling was soon followed by a steady stream of smoke. Which makes sitting in traffic very exciting. The smoke went away pretty quickly as I waved my hand at it and made crazy panic sounds.

Last week, however, my cup holder decided to take my commute to a whole new level. I may or may not have spilled a little coffee (again). I'm really not even sure. There must be some exposed or shorted out wires under my heated cup holders, though. This time, I didn't get a little smoke. I got an actual small flame. It was kind of awesome. Luckily, it went out. I spent the whole day wondering if I'd be coming out to a burned-out wreck of a vehicle at dismissal.

So far my car has survived. And now I know that I just need to either downgrade to less fancy cup holders or upgrade to a brand new fire extinguisher.

Have a tip to share? Or fire safety tips? Feel free to leave a comment below...

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