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Tuesday's Tip (#23)

Here's a tip for you:


You know when it's 8:57 am and you've already been up for four hours and done a million things? And you're still ten minutes away from work even though you need to be there in eight minutes? And you haven't stopped for coffee yet?

That's when you need to set your priorities straight. Go ahead and get in that coffee line. It's in everyone's best interest. 

Who are you kidding? You could be there two minutes late and be a caffeine-deprived zombie all day. Or, you could be there seven minutes late and be as sharp as a tack (at least until the post-caffeine crash).

So just go ahead and stop for your coffee. You're going to be late anyway. You may as well be late and awake. Do it for the children.

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Nelly said...

Very good point. Coffee always trumps everything.

Lissie said...

Girl, you're not kidding!