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Sometimes I...

This post is somewhat confessional. Some of these things have to do with being a mom. Others have to do with the fact that I'm a little nuts. If you do any of these things, too, know that you're in good - if a little crazy - company.

Sometimes I:
  • wish fervently that the kids would just once scream/whine "DAD!" when they need something.
  • vacuum up things (toys, coins, beads, etc.) because I am just too tired to bend over and pick them up.
  • freeze for a moment in the shower to determine if the screams or cries I hear are joyful or painful. I'm not getting out unless absolutely necessary.
  • rewash a whole pile of clothes because they sat for so long and I never got around to folding them.
  • eat chocolate in bed. This has nothing whatsoever to do with being a mom. It may, however, have something to do with the size of my ass.
  • don't bathe the kids. Every now and then I stop and think, "Wait. When was that last bath/shower?" I am seriously considering throwing a bar of soap in the pool. 
  • let the kids sleep together. Not even sometimes. All the time. As long as they're sleeping, I don't really care where it happens. Top bunk, bottom bunk, boys' room, girls' room, mattresses on the floor for a "campout" - I just don't care. Whatever involves me yelling "Go to bed!" the least number of times works for me.
  • have the big kids read to the little kids. There are nights when I have too many things to do and know I won't get around to reading a story. That's the beauty of having advanced readers. They can do it for me. So, the big kids get more reading practice and the little ones get read to. Win-win.
  • do things in multiples of four. Like eat Oreos or set the TV volume (always 24, 28, 32... NEVER 26, 31, 35...). Did I tell you I have OCD? Well I do. I do. I do. I do. I'm really hoping I can get it under control now that I've gone past four kids. I just don't think we can afford eight children.
  • crack my own self up reading my blog. I desperately hope someone else is laughing, too.
This list could go on forever. Let's just say it's TO BE CONTINUED...

So, so crazy...

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DKBelmont said...

I am laughing out loud! Especially since I definitely vacuum things up as well. I also like your idea about the soap in the pool. The McCanns are big advocates of the "chlorine clean" movement!

Lissie said...

I always knew I'd fit in well with the McCann clan!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

LOL! and ditto on the first 6!!!

IT Guy said...

Definitely laughing out loud. Beats spitting up on my LCD!

Lissie said...

@IT Guy: you're making progress!