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Tuesday's Tip (#12)

Here's a tip for you:

Expect the Unexpected.

I know I didn't come up with that theory, but it's applicable in almost every day that you spend with children.

Take yesterday, for example. My kids are slobs, but they are pretty good about bringing their dirty dishes to the sink when they are done eating. When Sean was done with his waffle, I told him to put his plate in the sink. Any other day, he would've gone over to the sink and placed it on top of a pile or set it gently on the counter. That's what I would've expected. By now you'd think I'd know better.

Yesterday, instead of placing his plate gently by the sink (like every other day), Sean decided to stand in the middle of the kitchen and fling that plate like the world's stickiest frisbee (maple syrup strikes again!). Of course the plate hit my porcelain sink and exploded into a million shards of syrupy danger. I didn't even have to give Sean a time-out. The exploding plate scared the crap out of him and he burst into tears. 

So, if you're spending time with kids, just brace yourself. At least once a day, they will do something that defies what we adults like to call logic - like plate launching.

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