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Tuesday's Tip (#14)

Here's a tip for you:

Say "I love you."

I'm not talking about the idea that life is short and we should always let the people we love know how we appreciate them. That's a beautiful and meaningful sentiment.

I'm talking about when your 20 month-old daughter wakes you up at 2 am and insists on using your iPhone to play the Somebody That I Used to Know video on YouTube over and over again (all while singing along). This is when you should say "I love you." Like a mantra. A mantra that is meant to remind you that it would be totally inappropriate to strangle that little child when she wakes you up every 4 minutes and 4 seconds to replay Gotye's video. The combination of sleep deprivation and xylophone music starts to make you a little delusional after a while. So just keep chanting "I love you." It could save a life.

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Nelly said...

I find myself saying the same. And in my head I'm not even chanting other choice phrases. Well most of the time. I find saying I love you at that exact moment takes my "at my wits end" feeling down to a manageable level.