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Tuesday's Tips (#29)

Here's a tip for you:

Know your own strength.

I was trying to crack a hard-boiled egg in my car (because it's totally normal to do that). I was at a red light, too, so don't go starting a campaign for laws against egg-cracking while driving. I tapped the egg gently on my center console. Nothing. I tapped it even harder. I tapped it harder still. Not even a crack. 

So, now I find myself sitting at a red light staring at this bionic egg that won't crack and wonder if someone is playing a prank on me. I held the egg in my hand and squeezed it. 

And that's when it exploded. Serves me right for eating my hastily prepared, Whole 30 approved breakfast in the car.

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@winecolleen said...

The shell tenaciously sticking to your egg is a sign that the egg is quite fresh. To help loosen that shell, pop a tablespoon of vinegar in your boiling water.


Lissie said...

Thanks for the tip! The other eggs were fine. It was just the bionic one that gave me trouble. ;)