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Resolutions and All That Jazz...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... everyone's writing their resolutions. You're probably already annoyed by hearing about them or busy writing your own. This year, I made my resolutions all about me. I've set a couple of big ones for myself and for some reason, I think I might actually be able to keep them this year. By putting them here on the blog, I feel like it's going to help hold me accountable. Both of my resolutions are health related. 

I joined a Facebook group started by of one of my Twitter peeps titled #IWouldRun500Miles. It's an open group that anyone can join and their info states: Our goal is to run/walk/crawl 500 miles in 2013. Some people will run more, some less. Choose your own goal and join us! I'm not a hardcore runner, but I feel like I can take this one on. I did the math: 500 miles over 365 days is only 1.37 miles per day. That's not much at all. I can totally do this (that's me talking myself into it, there).

The other thing I did was to embark on the Whole 30. It's an eating plan that lasts 30 days in order to reset your body after years of eating processed foods and other junk. My dad lent me his copy of It Starts with Food which was fantastic. It's a little scary when you read what all of these processed foods are doing to our bodies over time. 

My sister, Kirsten, has done the Whole 30 once before and is recommitting as of today. I've already called or texted her 4 times (before lunch). I know from her past experience that the next thirty days are going to be challenging, but it's going to be worth it. This is exactly the reset that my body needs. I'm off the pregnancy/nursing roller coaster and ready to take my body back. I've been told by Kirsten and others that the first 7 days can feel pretty crappy, so I may turn to the blog to whine my way through it. I'm going to keep posting my progress because I think it will keep me motivated to stick with it.

I started the day a little worried about my daily dose of coffee. I usually take coffee with milk and artificial sweetener. Neither of those is allowed on this eating plan. This morning, with some trepidation, I added coconut milk to my coffee. Imagine my surprise when I actually thought it was delicious! I was a little shocked that I could enjoy my coffee without milk and Equal. I really loved the coconut milk and didn't need any sweetener. Who knew?

I've made it through breakfast and lunch both enjoying my meals and without feeling hungry. The real challenge for me is usually that stretch in the evening (before dinner snacking and late at night when I eat chocolate). We'll see how I make it through.

So, here I go. Whole 30, Day 1. This evening I'm off to the gym to log the first of my 500 miles. Two lofty goals for my New Year's Resolutions. Wish me luck!

What about you...Did you make any resolutions this year? Leave a comment below. Maybe we can keep each other motivated!

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