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Christmas Eve Photos

Every year, we kick off the Christmas festivities with Christmas Eve at my mom & stepdad's house. Lala & Monka (as the kids call them) host my family, my sister's family, and my stepsister and her fiancĂ©. It's a great start to the many Christmas celebrations we have.

It's always nice to take traditional family photos to commemorate special occasions.

Here's a lovely shot of me, my mom, my sister, & my niece.
Sometimes, though, you need to add a few Newells to realize that photos can be so much more fun.

Why take a nice picture when you can just make crazy faces at each other. Although, Lala is still trying for that perfect family shot. Come on, Lala, make a silly face already!

Here's a cute shot of some of the ladies in the family. My stepsister, myself, my mom, my sister (of Facebook prank fame), and my two nieces:
Normal is so last year...
Here's where even Lala starts to get in on the action:
Super attractive. Don't hate us because we're beautiful. (I love a good 1980's Pantene reference.)
We tried to get a shot that included all of the little ladies in the family:

Then my sister decided to look like someone who's been let out of the loony bin on a weekend pass:
So special
We got a shot of the men in the family, but they're no fun and just looked normal:

We also like to get the annual shot of the grandkids on the stairs:

But the teenager kept making faces to see if anyone would notice (we didn't until after):
We see your duck face, brat.
Duck face can only be improved upon by adding a goofy peace sign. Thanks, Deirdre.
And, yes. I'm aware that Patrick looks just like me here. Poor kid.
Auntie K also introduced the kids to the game "Ball of Tape" where a million crappy toys are rolled up into a giant ball of packing tape. The kids take turns struggling to unwrap the toys while the next person tries to roll doubles with dice in order to get their hands on the ball. The kids had a blast until a tiny bottle of bubbles burst inside the ball. Then the game became the ever so popular extreme version known as Slippery Ball of Tape. Incredibly frustrating and slimy!
And the game begins...getting that tape started was tough!
Every time Regan got her hands on the ball, Patrick would steal it with an immediate roll of doubles.

Pull, Patrick!

Now we're getting some prizes!
Sophie was rolling like a madwoman!
Thank goodness Deirdre was there to supervise and help Charlotte!

We'll finish out the pictures with a shot of Charlotte doing her best Jack Nicholson impression:

Did you take any silly family photos this holiday season?

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Alexandra said...

Love the pics! Especially the little Jack Nicholson...:))))
Oh, we have thousands of pics but I doubt we can use it for anything but a bribery/blackmail on each other ;)

Lissie said...

Blackmail photos always come in handy!