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The Day After...

Not to be repetitive, but it's the day after Christmas. I'm in pretty much the same state as last year. 

  • I had to put all five kids in the car to go get coffee because I forgot to add that to the pre-Christmas grocery list.
  • The house (which I had cleaned for Christmas) is in shambles. 
  • The dishes are overflowing the sink because I was still running the first load of cooking and baking stuff when 15 people came for Christmas dinner. (And, a few beers into the evening, the dirty dishes seem far less important.)
  • My daughters have changed their clothes 87 times this morning and I have no idea what is what anymore.
Clothes, clothes everywhere
  • I have put in no less than 4 million AA & AAA batteries. I hate those damn tiny screws.
  • Yesterday, I spent almost 90 minutes putting together Charlotte's new dollhouse - only to find out that Santa didn't realize the box said "dolls not included." And, even though Charlotte is a giant for her age, she won't be able to see the top floor for a few more years. 
That's a lot of dollhouse!
  • I'm still rummaging around for something to dip in my satay sauce because the chicken is gone. (roast beef? bagel crisps? marshmallows?)
  • The kids need to stop trying to cram into the Glow Crazy doodle tent together. It's definitely not made for more than two kids.

This isn't going to end well. 
In all, it's been a great Christmas. The kids got tons of stuff from Santa, family, & friends. I can only hope the chaos of the last few days makes them tired enough to fall asleep before PJ & I tonight. We could really use one quiet night on the couch before we attempt to find a place for even more stuff in our house!

What about you...did you survive the chaos of Christmas?

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"As We Speak" said...

Love your lists, so funny and so relatable. My 'kids' are not 'kids'
anymore, but still remember when!


Lissie said...

I like to think that much of this nonsense is universal. If I find out that every other mom has a nice, neat home on the day after Christmas, I'm going to be very depressed. ;)