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The Magic Ornament

Here's a funny little story.

Three years ago, before Charlotte had come along, my stepmother found the cutest little pewter ornament and just had to buy it for me.

The thing that was so great about it was that it just happened to have a little snowperson family that looked just like mine. There were snowdad, snowmom, and four little snowkids. It was such a lucky little find. 

Then, two years ago, when I was decorating the tree, I came across that ornament in my box. I was thinking how it was a little sad that it wouldn't really match our family anymore now that Charlotte had joined us. That's when I turned the ornament over. And this is what I found:

Can you see it? There's one tiny little surprise snowkid right on the back. I swear it wasn't there when I first got it. Our little Charlotte made it into the family ornament.

Now, I check it every year and breathe a sigh of relief when there aren't any new snowbabies. I'm all set!

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