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Whole 30 Days 1-4

So, I feel like I've successfully survived these first few days. I've felt full and haven't been going insane with cravings. I do kind of want to raid a chocolate bar factory around 8pm, but, that's my holiday late-night snacking habit catching up with me. I may have cheated a bit by having a few dates (the fruit, not the boyfriend), but I feel like that's a far cry from a king-sized Hershey bar, so I'm okay with it.

Every morning I wake up with what feels like a slight hangover (without all the fun partying to explain it away). I'm guessing it's the diet because I've been told the first week of clean eating takes a little getting used to. Adjusting to burning fat instead of sugar and putting my hormones back into whack wreaks a little havoc. 

I've had lots of good food, too, so that was a nice surprise. I definitely don't feel like I'm starving. I was ridiculously tired most of yesterday afternoon and into the evening. Last night was also supposed to be date night with hubs to go see Les Mis. Luckily, the theater we go to has a Starbucks in it. I bought a venti black coffee to help me stay awake through a 2 1/2 hour movie. I also smuggled my own coconut milk in one of my kids' water bottles (in my purse) for the coffee. I think the old lady sitting next to me was working under the assumption that I was up to no good with my illicit purse milk. I have to say, even though PJ bought a popcorn with all that awesome fake butter deliciousness on it, I didn't even want any. Now, had he bought chocolate to go with it, I might have punched him in the throat, but he was smart kind enough to skip the candy.

One nasty side effect I've noticed is all of the dirty dishes. I have done a ton of cooking this week to prepare all of my meals. At one point, I had the dishwasher running, the sink was full, and every pot I owned was dirty. It's definitely more work than grabbing breakfast or lunch on the way to work. On a side note, I've got all kinds of yummy new recipes that even my kids like. Thanks to my sister and my paleo Twitter peeps, I've found a lot of good resources. I even made my own homemade mayonnaise to use in tuna and as a garnish for other things. It tasted so fresh (and I was super proud that it didn't "break" on my first try).

So, I feel like this venture into the Whole 30 isn't too terrible as of yet. I know these first two weeks are supposed to be the worst of it, so I'm preparing myself mentally for that. Four days in, I feel ok. I've also logged 2/500 miles in my 500 mile running challenge for the year. Only 498 to go. HA!

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IT Guy said...

I feel your pain, although I had felt so badly back in July
(started Whole30 August 1st), that when I finished my first
four days, I actually felt less bad, just a lot different.

I was also lucky that I didn't need to stop other bad habits
like cream, milk, yogurt, since I had
stopped those years ago. Tough enough to not eat
American Cheese any longer!

Nearly 60 pounds down since August 1, and I can't
remember feeling so well.

Another few days, and you too will start to feel better. As a
matter of fact, if you're anything like me, you will forget
how good you are feeling after awhile until your first serious
cheat. THEN you will realize it!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! I'm starting my old meal plan again next week which is mostly raw foods and some juicing and ONE square of 70% dark chocolate each night. I feel awesome on it, but it's somehow a LOT of meal planning, work & thought! Congratulations on getting through it and starting a new you!

Lissie said...

It's a challenge to stop some of these things (milk & Splenda in my coffee), but when you read that book and what is happening to your body by consuming all of this crap, it's hard NOT to stop!

You look great, by the way. It's nice to have people in the family who understand what I'm doing!

Lissie said...

That sounds great. I'm particularly fond of the dark chocolate!